About quinn

Forever striving to be a completely flawless unachievable human being is Quinn. And although she definitely won't ever get there, she'll still continue writing songs about how much she's trying to. Pulling from both personal and conceptual stories, one thing that she achieves in her songs is the passionate rawness of reality, the feeling of encapsulated loneliness, and the upbeat warmth of happiness. (Happiness like that of taking cookies out from the oven and eating them exactly three minutes and two seconds after when they aren't too hot to burn your tongue.) From her first song at eight years old to her last most likely delusional piece at ninety-two, she'll keep putting out stuff that connects on a level that many people don't talk about, but that still sometimes needs to be said. Oh yeah, she also lives in Connecticut, but that's like wicked uninteresting so it's at the bottom of this paragraph now.