Quinn - Debut Single, “Give It A Go”

Release Date: 02.06.19


Artist Information

Label: in collaboration with Plaid Dog Recording Studios

Genre: indie pop punk

Hometown: Middletown, Connecticut

Influences: Neck Deep, Hobo Johnson, Jon Bellion, Paramore, dodie

Sounds Like: Paramore, Tigers Jaw, dodie, Bad Bad Hats, Courage My Love, The Front Bottoms

Contact Information: management@qquinn.com | 203.444.6860


Forever striving to be a completely flawless unachievable human being is Quinn. And although she definitely won't ever get there, she'll still continue writing songs about how much she's trying to. Pulling from both personal and conceptual stories, one thing that she achieves in her songs is the passionate rawness of reality, the feeling of encapsulated loneliness, and the upbeat warmth of happiness. From her first song at eight years old to her last most likely delusional piece at ninety-two, she'll keep putting out stuff that connects on a level that many people don't talk about, but that still sometimes needs to be said.

Coming from a small town, Quinn has lived her entire life on the east coast in the state of Connecticut. She grew up in a family where music was a second language, her parents having been in a band together before she was even born. This led to her learning guitar at the age of 13 from her father and pursuing singing like her mother loved to do. Not only has she been deeply influenced by her parents, but many other artists have inspired Quinn throughout the years. To name a few: Paramore, Neck Deep, dodie, Jon Bellion, Hobo Johnson, The Front Bottoms, Courage My Love and Bad Bad Hats.

Recently and with great excitement, Quinn won a contest to work with Plaid Dog Recording studio in the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts. She impressed producers with a demo recording of the title track on her upcoming debut EP, “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.” Quinn is in works with this studio to raise money to fund this album and upon meeting the goal, she will have the ability to get back into the studio to finish her professional recordings.

Not only is this album part of Quinn’s upcoming releases, but she is putting lots of time aside to collaborate and perform with other artists to form a full sized band. This will take her performances which are already engaging to a whole other level. She plans to have this project together in the next month so that she is prepared for any upcoming tours or events.

Quinn continues to be constantly inspired by the experiences and people she meets and will continue to work diligently and with the dedication and passion that brought her here in the first place.

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You are so much more than what you think people think about you.
— Quinn (Upcoming Song Keeping Casts, Chats, Rug Rats)

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